Erasmus; The good stuff!


When I was first told about going abroad on an Erasmus programme, the idea of living away from home for an extended period of time was daunting. Moving to a country that have a different mother tongue seemed like something that only adventurous people did. However, once I settle in to my new surrounds in Gothenburg, I was more than comfortable.

I found that Erasmus offered much more than just a semester studying in a foreign University. It allowed me to mature and discovering myself in my temporary home. It was also a platform for me to travel across different European countries and cities with friends in a cost effective way. I gained a new perspective on cultures that were unknown to me.

The Erasmus programme gave me the opportunity to learn skills that I did not have much experience in such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and washing clothes. I was all alone and could not rely on my mother to do these chores any longer. These are valuable skills that I would not necessarily have learnt by living in my home house.

This period spent living away from home introduced me to the real world and allowed me to learn how to fend for myself. I think that every student needs to experience living out of their comfort zone in a new and fresh environment which allows them to spread their wings and discover what they want in life.


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