How well do you really know your own language?




When I learned that I has the opportunity to complete a TESOL course as part of my degree programme I was more than delighted. Besides not having to pay to do it externally, I was looking forward to all the opportunities it was going to give me.

As a native speaker of English I assumed that I knew everything there was to know about the language. I was quite shocked to discover how little I really know about the language I call my own. We speak the English language for as long as we can remember and we don’t question the way we say and structure sentences. We don’t learn off lists of verbs and tenses the way non-native speakers do. We simply just know what to say and we never bother to question it. I found this so strange that I have been using this language for 20 years and never knew the proper rules and structures behind it.

In such a short period TESOL has taught me so much about the English language. I have already gained insight into the syntax of the language and why certain words such as nouns and adjectives need to be put in a certain place in a sentence to hold meaning. I have also gained a perspective on how non-native speakers learn English and the difficulties that they incur.

TESOL has given me insight into what I need to know to pursue a teaching career. I look forward to completing the rest of this module in the coming weeks and to see what opportunities this qualification will offer me in the future.




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