Erasmus; Where to go?



As there are numerous options of University’s to attend on the Erasmus programme, making a choice is not easy. When I sat down last year wondering which European city stood out to me I found myself swaying towards the Scandinavian countries. What excited me about this region was the fact that it wasn’t an area everyone would head off to for a ‘city break’. I felt that Scandinavia was off the beaten track and could offer me an experience that I may not receive in main land Europe.

I was definitely not disappointed. I chose to go to a city down south of Stockholm in Sweden called Gothenburg. Gothenburg was a city of the youth with everything at an easy reach. I was able to commute everywhere by tram and other cities such as Copenhagen and Oslo were a short train ride away. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenic countryside Sweden had to offer as well as their fast-paced cities. I found their forward thinking and efficient society eye-opening.

When choosing where to go on Erasmus I advise you to go somewhere completely different to home. I think that everyone should experience a completely different culture and embrace it. Go somewhere that you never thought of going before and I ensure that it will be one of the best things that you will do.




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