Good or Bad? You Decide!



Recently during a module I am doing called ‘Writing for the Media’, we covered how to distinguish a good website from a bad one. We looked at many very poorly designed websites which contained a lot of contrasting bright colours and unreadable font types and sizes. We also looked into well-designed websites such the famous as and These websites clearly showed how a clear, consistent, user friendly and readable site looks like.



What I learned from identifying good and bad websites was that:

  • Colour scheme and font size and type are very important so that the site is readable
  • The site should be easily navigated by having categories and sub-categories
  • Keeping advertisements to a minimum is advised
  • Not to use backgrounds or themes that are distracting for the user

Knowing the above information has allowed me to quickly identify the problems presented in poorly designed websites. This is a important skill needed throughout the module ‘Writing for the Media’. I believe this skill with aid me in any future tasks or assignments I will complete in the media area.


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