Public Speaking 101



Whether you are a confident or shy person, I don’t think that anybody out there enjoys getting up and presenting in front of a large audience. As part of a module that I am doing this semester called ‘TESOL 1’, we were required to do a PowerPoint presentation in front of 150 people.

Daunting right?



We were firstly put into groups of 5 or 6 people, which I felt made the task a little less scary. I think that the fact that 5 other people are standing at the front of a lecture hall with you takes a little bit of pressure off the speaker. The most daunting part of the whole assignment was the fear of forgetting what to say while in the spotlight.

Something that I found beneficial while preparing for my presentation was writing out exactly what I wanted to say on cue cards. In the event of losing track of what I was saying, these cards were there to prompt me in the right direction and keep me focused.

Overall, I found this task very useful. Although it was intimidating standing up in front of such a large volume of people, I feel that it was aided my confidence and that I would not find a presentation task as daunting in the future.


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